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Northern Sports Physiotherapy Clinic has a range of braces and walking aids for sale, which our physiotherapists are qualified to fit. We sell a variety of types and brands of braces, both standard and custom made, to ensure the best fitting and most appropriate brace is available for you.

The types of braces we keep in stock include:

  • Post operative limited motion knee braces
  • Post operative walking boots (both fixed and hinged)
  • Ankle stabilising braces
  • Ankle night splints
  • Patellofemoral stabilising braces
  • Tennis elbow braces
  • Groin straps
  • Mallet finger splints

We are able to assess a patient’s specific requirements. We measure then order in specialized braces, such as Anterior Cruciate Instability braces. This area of bracing is quite specialized and however it is an area that the clinic has experience with due to our close association with the orthopeadic surgeons.

Casting and splinting is an area in which all our physiotherapists are skilled. Casts and splints are used following fractures, surgery or other injuries. Patients are usually referred to the clinic from their general practitioner or specialist for these services. Appointments are given on the same day as referral. We use synthetic casting material, with or without waterproof liner, and also have a range of thermoplastic splinting material, either custom made or pre-cut, to ensure the most appropriate cast or splint is fitted to you.

We also stock crutches and will teach you the correct use of your walking aid, including managing stairs and other hazards.