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Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates a safe and effective way to maintain your health and fitness during and after pregnancy. Our classes are run by specialised physiotherapists to ensure they are specific to your needs. We adapt the program as your progress through each trimester and after birth.

Pre-natal Pilates

Pre-natal classes are run from 12 weeks until the big day (providing there are no medical or physical concerns). Pilates is a great way to continue exercise during your pregnancy al get yourself ready for the new arrival.

Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy:

  • Reduce pelvic pain, lower back pain and other musculoskeletal issues
  • Specifically train your pelvic floor, deep abdominal and lower back muscles to help carry the extra weight of the baby
  • Help manage and prevent incontinence
  • Learn relaxation techniques for the big day
  • Learn correct breathing technique

Post-Natal Pilates

After birth you need to focus on regaining your strength through abdominal, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles. Our classes help top guide your through your return to exercise and teach you how to be functional while caring for your baby. Depending on the type of delivery you can usually start Pilates after your 6 week Obstetrician check up.

What we do at NSPC

  • Initial 1 hour 1 on 1 screening and assessment with a qualified physiotherapist
  • Specific and tailored Pilates program depending on your trimester
  • Varied program including mat, reformer, trapeze, wundachair, theraband, hand weights swiss ball and barrel
  • Education component in every class to prepare you for birth and give you helpful hints and tips
  • Max 5 people per class for maximum supervision
  • Real time ultrasound assessment of your deep core and pelvic floor muscles